Picking up the pieces

I started "Skeleton" as part of a game jam in 2017, but I realized two important things:

  1. My current schedule would not permit me to complete the game in a week.
  2. I didn't know enough about PICO-8 / Lua to complete the game in a week.

I bowed out of the game jam, but I told myself I would finish the game one day.

One day is here.

I've spent a bit of time tearing down my old code. While doing so, I had an epiphany that completely changed the original creative direction of the game (it was to be a Zelda / Gauntlet-style dungeon crawl. Now there's a pretty big twist). And now I'm trying to cram as much knowledge into my brain as possible, to actually make these ideas into a thing.

As you can see from the current gif, there's not much of a game so far. There's a skeleton who can walk around a dungeon swinging a sword. I still have a long, long way to go before this thing is finished, including rebuilding my title screen, writing music, coding something resembling enemy AI, etc.

There is no current release date. This is a "spare time" project, and it's very early into its development.

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